「つきじ鈴富」は築地のまぐろ専門仲卸である鈴富が直営する本格江戸前鮨店である。店内はメインのカウンター、その奥に個室カウンター、小人数から大人数まで対応出来る個室の3つのエリアで構成。インテリアは、移り行く時代や流行に流されない伝統ある江戸前の技や味を、用途に合わせたエリアで楽しめ、長く愛される店を目指している。まずエントランスの暖簾に描かれた書が客を迎える。店内は白木を基調に格子や障子、羽目板などを配置し、凛とした老舗感を演出。メインのカウンターエリアは、天井の折上げ内に夜明け前と夕焼け後に訪れる「ブルーモーメント」をグラデーション塗装で表現。その奥に配置した個室カウンター席は、あえて余計な装飾はせず、檜カウンターを舞台に職人の包丁仕事を際立たせる演出とした。4部屋からなる個室は、間仕切りの建具を移動させることで大人数にも対応できる。背景の壁面には、築地で競りが行われる早朝、霞みかかった時間帯や立ちこめる人の熱気を表現すべく、古くから絵巻物や屏風に描かれる和柄の「霞」をモチーフにタイルを組み合わせている。(松下 哲/GATE interior design office)


所在地:東京都中央区銀座6-10-1 GINZA SIX 13階
設計:GATE interior design office 松下 哲



“Tsukiji Suzutomi” is a genuine Tokyo style sushi restaurant directly operated by Suzutomi, a special tuna intermediate wholesaler in Tsukiji. The interior consists of three main areas: A main counter, a private room counter in the back, and a private room that is flexible to accommodate both a small and large number of people. The interior is intended to make the restaurant be a long-loved one, letting guests enjoy the traditional Tokyo style technique and taste that is not swayed by the era and trend with a suitable area to their application. Once the guests go into the place, they are welcomed by a calligraphy drawn on the goodwill at the entrance. Inside, the dignified mood of long-established store is directed with the interior based on white wood, a lattice, a shoji, a siding and so on. The main counter area expresses “Blue Moment” which comes before the dawn and after sunset by gradation painting in the fold of the ceiling. For the private room counter seat arranged behind it, no unnecessary decoration is put to highlight the craftsmen’s kitchen knife work on the stage of the cypress counter. And the private room consisting of 4 rooms can accommodate large numbers of people by moving partitions. On the back wall, the tiles are combined with the motif of Japanese pattern “Kasumi” which had been drawn on picture scrolls and folding screens from long time ago to express the period of misty time and the agitation of crowd in the early morning of Tsukiji, the time for bidding. (Matsushita Setsu / GATE interior design office)


Tsukiji Suzutomi
Address:GINZA SIX 13F, 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open:20, Apr, 2017
Designer:GATE interior design office Satoshi Matsushita
Floor area:103㎡
Seats:30 seats
Photo:Nacása & partners Inc.



筑地鈴富是个筑地市场专卖金枪鱼批发商鈴富直接经营的正宗江户风寿司饭馆。店内以主吧台区域、包房吧台区域、从少到多数可用的包房区域为构成。我们为了构建永远受欢迎的一家餐厅,想打造能随意欣赏传统江户味道的空间。客人进入就被帘上的书法欢迎来,店内格子、拉门、壁板都以本色木料为基调,展现出老字号的严肃氛围。主吧台区域,天棚部分为了表现日出落前后的蓝瞬间就用浓淡法彩色。后面的包房吧台区域,我们并不硬要装饰,以便突出扁柏制吧台及工匠的刀工。包房区域拥有4间,搬动间壁就适合人数。其壁面,表现筑地市场的一大早ーーー有霞的时间、蓬蓬勃勃的拍卖,以传统日本风的“霞”为灵感布置了瓷砖。(松下哲/GATE interior design office)

地址:东京都中央区银座6-10-1 GINZA SIX 13F
室内设计:GATE interior design office松下哲
摄影:Nacása & Partners Inc.