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設計:イチミリデザイン 平野大偉
照明計画:大光電機 村西貴洋 大塚恵理子
施工:ラックランド 林 昇
Photo:A.P.FIRST 荒木義久


The passageway from the entrance to the inside of the office has indirect lightings in blue color that is the corporate color of SOGOKAGU. Operation, planning, administration, and other divisions share around 200㎡ space but they do different works so we divided each area with wainscots and glass screens. However, we thought it’s also important for each division to have smooth communication therefore we created the space with an unbroken vista at the same time. The operation division has diagonal walls toward the passageway that make visitors not to see messy desks. This Gimmick also creates a big impact to the space. We took in soft texture of wood to the office in order to make workers relaxed where they do daily tasks unlike showroom. We also placed a communication space, not an ordinary meeting room, for employees in the office that develops a relationship between them. The office environment can make improvements in motivation of workers, work efficiency, and public image of a company. We thought everything we created could affect the company’s branding so we put our all into the design. (Dai Hirano/ICHIMIRI DESIGN)


SOGOKAGU Head Office
Location:3-17-37, Kamikita, Hirano-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Open:Jun. 27th, 2016
Designer:ICHIMIRI DESIGN  Dai Hirano
Lighting planning:DAIKO ELECTRIC Takahiro Muranishi Eriko Otsuka
Construction:LUCKLAND Noboru Hayashi
Photo:A.P.FIRST Yoshihisa.Araki