託児所とカフェ、地下にはレストランが入る複合店舗「ファミリエ」が201011月、横浜・美しが丘にオープンした。この店は、傾斜に建つビルに入るため、フロア違いのファサードを2面持つ。この特性を生かし、二つの業態をワンフロアずつ入れ込んだ店舗となっている。デザインを手掛けたのは、柴澤 淳氏(サイドデザインパフォーマンス)。




Cafe & Restaurant Bar with Child Day Care Service

Commercial complex, “Familie” with a day care and cafe on the 1st floor and the restaurant on basement located in Utsukushigaoka in Yokohama opened in November 2011. As this building is built on the slope, it has two facades on different floors. They located two different outlets on each floor to make good use of this unique attribute. Design was done by Jun Shibasawa. (Side Design Performance)

Cafe on the 1st floor has the day care. To separate the space with small entrance area and extends far back into three zones, they inserted the box-shaped cafe area into the skeleton space. The area in front of that is the play area connected with the deck, and the deep end space is the day care.

There’s the restaurant and cafe on the basement. The restaurant facing to the back street with less pedestrians has tranquilizing atmosphere. They display wines selected by the owner, who is a wine specialist and created the space like a wine cellar with the chandelier like wood roots.



  • 所在地/Address:神奈川県横浜市青葉区美しが丘2-21-12 地下1階、1階/ B1 and 1F 2-21-12 Utsukushigaoka, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
  • 設計/Design:サイドデザインパフォーマンス 柴澤 淳/Jun Shibasawa, Side Design Performance
  • オープン/Opened:2010年11月/November 2010.




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