LOTT annibirth

lott annibirth_年に数回訪れる、美容室での一日。新しい自分に生まれ変わる、特別な一日。

  • ヘアサロン「LOTT annibirth」
  • 所在地:福岡市中央区天神2-4-11 パシフィーク天神701
  • オープン:2012年6月30日
  • 設計:tgd タカスガクデザイン 手島紗夜、高須 学
  • 床面積:108.26㎡
  • 席数:カット8席、カラー6席、シャンプー5席
  • Photo:photo office overhaul



“Lott annibirth”. People visit a hair salon several times a year. At the day you visit the salon, you become a brand new person. That is a present for yourself. When I heard these words from the owner of the salon, I was remembering my childhood. When I was small, I just enjoyed having my hair cut and cute by a stylist. The childhood is linked to sceneries; a wonderful world opened under a tent of a circus where my parents took me and a nostalgic scent of a classroom with a wooden mosaic floor in the sun. I reconstructed the space by gathering a piece of my memory. I set wooden walls stretching randomly at an entrance. Each vintage oak wood has different faces and makes appropriate contrast in the space. After passing through wooden walls with wonder you see a brand new day where you will be reborn. There are canvases with different shapes where your future will be drawn in the atelier like space filled with sun lights. A slanted line on the wall from the entrance invites you from the bright space to the dark space just like a clock hand. I created a wonderful world with a poetic image in the space of the light and the shadow, the front and the back, and the straight line and curved line. (Sayo Teshima / tgd)

  • Location:Pacifique Tenjin 701, 2-4-11, Tenjin, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka-Shi, Fukuoka
  • Designer:tgd Sayo Teshima Gaku Takasu
  • Floor area:108.26㎡
  • Capacity:40 seats for cutting/ 6 seats for coloring / 5 seats for shampoo
  • Photo: photo office overhaul

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