青森の「星野リゾート 奥入瀬渓流ホテル」内にオープンした「青森りんごキッチン」。青森と言えば、生産量日本一の“りんご”。宿泊客の8割は東京から訪れることから、その青森の最大の特徴を味わえるビュッフェレストランとなっています。


所在地:青森県十和田市大字奥瀬字栃久保231 星野リゾート奥入瀬渓流ホテル内
設計:ファン 藤井文彦 古村浩一


“Aomori Apple Kitchen” is a newly opened buffet restaurant in Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel. Aomori is famous for its largest production of apples in Japan. As about 80% of its guests come from Tokyo area, it adopted apples as motif so that guests could feel one of the most remarkable features of Aomori.
The interior apply a lot of wood to be harmonized with atmosphere of the resort lodge in the mountain, placing elements those feature Aomori everywhere. In the entrance area, a large apple cellar, which stores approximately 1,800 apples and original cidre, and Tsugaru vidro (traditional glass working in Aomori) on the ceiling warmly welcome guests to the restaurant. In the buffet area, under the huge Bunaco pendant lamps reminding apples (Bunaco is traditional wood handicrafts in Aomori), the serving counters shape curves like streams of Oirase Keiryu, It creates rhythms in the space with moves of chefs in behind.
The wooden partition has been created with concept of “drawing Oirase woods into the restaurant” and exquisitely create two spaces of active buffet area and comfortable dining area. Also with this wooden partition and lighting adjustment, light and shadow flip around from morning to night and it produces completely different atmospheres for breakfasts and dinners. In the dining area, the art of Tsugaru vidro apple trees are symbolically placed on the ceiling, and the floor lamps using Uetsu Shinaori (traditional woven handicrafts) and the wall art of Nambu Sakiori (traditional local craft textile in Aomori) provide guests with comfortable space.
You would love to stop by Apple Kitchen if you go to Aomori. Here comes the new restaurant of apples with full of essence of Aomori. (Fumihiko Fujii/ fan Inc.)


Aomori Apple Kitchen
Location: Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel, 231, Okusetochikubo, Towada City, Aomori, Japan
Open: Apr.15th, 2016
Designer: fan Inc. Fumihiko Fujii Koichi Furumura
Floor area: 831.62㎡
Capacity: 220seat
Photo: Nacasa & Partners